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Our sounds.

Princess Mononoke (Legend of Ashitaka) from Studio Ghibli - Strings cover made in our studio

Howl's Moving castle - Merry Go Round by Joe Hisaishi

The Lost Pathway - Violin- Julia Stein, Cello- Akito Goto
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Lumine - Violin - Julia Stein, Cello - Akito Goto
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These pieces were written and produced by Daniel Couper, our recent collaborator find out more about him 

Faisals sound 1 - Singer - Faisal Salah ,Violin - Julia Stein
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This project was spontaneous cooperation with Faisal Salah- multi-talented, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter-beatboxer, specializing in freestyle.

Faisals sound 2 - Singer - Faisal Salah ,Cello - Akito Goto
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Commercial - Violin - Julia Stein
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Produceed by Van Slippy

Find out more

Bach (Sarabande) - Violin - Julia Stein, Cello - Akito Goto
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This piece was written by Johann Sebastian Bach, this recording was made to demonstrate the quality of the recording for only string parts. 

We had an honour to work with Jordan Rees who composed the sound track for 'Geranimo' - a short film directed by Geraint Morgan, starring Gwen Ellis, Ged MacKenna and Paterson Joseph.  It received an initial showing at Chapter Cinema in Cardiff, before being broadcasted on BBC Wales and iPlayer!

Lucky to have some of our playing used in the theme song of ‘Shang Yang Fu’ (The Monarch Industry)
Directed by Hou Yong, Cheng Yuanhai. Starring Zhang Ziyi.
In collaboration with a composer, Mo Zhao. 
Singer: TanWeiWei

Lucky to have our playing used in the film 'Shepherd' , psychological thriller/horror starring Tom Hughs,
Kate Dickie, Gaia Weiss and Greta Scacchi.

Music: Decal Audio

We feel honoured to be a part fo such a meaningful project! from the film 'The Ground Up' 
Music: Max Davidoff Grey

Another fantastic collaboration with a film composer, Jordan Rees A snippet from soundtrack of ‘Prehistoric Fury’.
Producer/Composer                                 @jordanreesmusic 

Ben Cooper 

Peter Wilson


`Figment` for cello alone by Elliott Carter

Figment, for solo cello, presents a variety of contrasting, dramatic moments, using material derived from one musical idea.

– Elliott Carter

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