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Princess Mononoke (Legend of Ashitaka) from Studio Ghibli - Strings cover made in our studio

The Lost Pathway - Violin- Julia Stein, Cello- Akito Goto
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Lumine - Violin - Julia Stein, Cello - Akito Goto
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These pieces were written and produced by Daniel Couper, our recent collaborator find out more about him 

Faisals sound 1 - Singer - Faisal Salah ,Violin - Julia Stein
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This project was spontaneous cooperation with Faisal Salah- multi-talented, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter-beatboxer, specializing in freestyle.

Faisals sound 2 - Singer - Faisal Salah ,Cello - Akito Goto
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Commercial - Violin - Julia Stein
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Produceed by Van Slippy

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Bach (Sarabande) - Violin - Julia Stein, Cello - Akito Goto
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This piece was written by Johann Sebastian Bach, this recording was made to demonstrate the quality of the recording for only string parts. 

Dezerterki kosmosu
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`Figment` for cello alone by Elliott Carter

Figment, for solo cello, presents a variety of contrasting, dramatic moments, using material derived from one musical idea.

– Elliott Carter

Ben Cooper 


Peter Wilson

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